About us

Nakamoa is comprised of a small team of talented developers working from Canada and the United States.

We are specializing in services to online stores hosted on Yahoo!Small Business platform.

Nakamoa is a boutique vendor on the e-commerce market for businesses. We don't pride ourselves as a one-stop-shop, but rather strive to be simply the best at what we offer.

In the last few years, there have been a few trends that have altered the e-commerce landscape:

  • Widespread use of advanced Web Analytics
  • Rapid rise of Social commerce
  • Abundance of various e-commerce platforms along with many new technologies and advancements in online shopping interfaces

In building our portfolio, we tried to focus on those areas.

Our products and services are designed to fulfill the unfulfilled needs of a Yahoo merchant. We have taken our time to analyze limitations and shortcomings of Yahoo! Small Business platform and have come up with the solutions that are both unique and innovative.